Aims and Scope


The scope and domain of the activities of the "Sciences and Techniques of Information Management" Journal include the following:


Subset of topics


Main areas


Theories of data management and information management

The evolution of information and knowledge management

Information management systems

Processing and decision making systems

Organizational tools: ontology, taxonomy

Cost - usefulness of information systems

New information management technologies

Information management


Knowledge management theories

Knowledge management implementation experiences

Revision of knowledge management models

Approaches, standards and techniques of knowledge organization

Systems and systems for knowledge dissemination and development

Approaches to applying and creating knowledge


knowledge management


Theories of information organization

Data mining and data processing

Save and recover data

 Data and information governance

Value creation of data and information

Organize and analyze information


IT management

Evaluation and evaluation of technologies

Implementation and application of technologies

Development and evolution of technologies

Transfer and exchange of technologies

Information management technologies