Investigating the Relationship between Communication Skills and Cultural Intelligence among Public Library Librarians in Isfahan

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1 The institution of public libraries, isfahan

2 ferdeowsi university


Objective: The present study investigates the relationship between the five dimensions of communication skills and cultural intelligence among librarians of public libraries in isfahan.
Methodology: This research is an applied research and survey-correlation method. The statistical population is the librarians of public libraries in Isfahan which includes 484 people. Sampling was randomized and 160 subjects were selected as sample. The data gathering tool was Census Inventory of Cultural Ange and Erley (2004) and Quinn-Trap (CSTR). Descriptive tests, as well as single-sample t-test, and Pearson correlation test were used to analyze the data.
Findings: The results of the research show that the level of communication skills and cultural intelligence among the librarians of the studied libraries is more than average. There is also a positive and meaningful relationship between the five communication skills (the ability to receive and send messages, emotional control, listening skills, insight into the process of communication, the connection with decisiveness) with cultural intelligence.
Conclusion: librarians can have an effective and effective relationship with the clients with Using appropriate communication skills and lead to audience engagement. According to the results, having cultural intelligence is one of the factors that can improve the relationship between the client and the librarian.


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