The issue of information management in the Post-COVID Era: The sides that need to be formed

Editor-in-Chief Lecture


Prof.Department of Knowledge and Information Science, Tarbiat Modares University,Tehran, Iran.


Unpredictable crises and large-scale crises require more information management than everyday problems. The volume and type of information required to deal with major unforeseen events require us to consider their scope on a larger scale than a factor such as individuals. Rather, it is necessary to consider and analyze a regular course from the individual to the governance. The widespread prevalence of COVID -19 has revealed new dimensions of the need for information and its effective management. Analyzing the current situation and providing solutions for the future can be useful for individual, organizational, and national preparation. In this study, the needs for change at three levels of individual, organizational, and national in the field of information management and information behavior have been explained.