Effective Digital Transformation and the Need for Convergence between Areas Involved in Knowing Management

Editor-in-Chief Lecture


Prof.Department of Knowledge and Information Science, Tarbiat Modares University,Tehran, Iran.


The digital transformation is a bridge to the transition from the traditional world to the new world. The features of the new world are largely focused on digitalization. In the new world, from personal communication to macro business, everything is based on digits and reveals a new phenomenon called virtual reality. Virtual reality has given rise to phenomena such as second life, augmented reality, and, in a word, the virtual world. How to move from relationships, structures, attitudes, behaviors and styles before digitalization to the digital age requires digital transformation. The need for digital transformation has made the need for “Knowing Management” inevitable. The root of profound individual and organizational changes, as well as the promotion of the effectiveness of transformation activities, lies in the dynamics of the individual and organizational knowing system. The knowing system at the individual and organizational level is affected by the complex and ever-changing relationships between internal elements and external components. Defining and regulating the relationship between internal elements and coordinating them for effective interaction with external components will help to promote its effectiveness and resilience in interacting with the ups and downs of digital transformation. In this paper, the need for convergence of knowing management areas as internal elements of the knowing system to create individual and organizational readiness for successful digital transformation is briefly explained. Conducting in-depth studies based on the assumptions presented in this paper will lead to the formation and enrichment of scientific literature in the field of digital transformation.