Extra-informationalism: The Challenge of Turning a Recession into a Boom

Editor-in-Chief Lecture


Professor, Department of Knowledge and Information Science , Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran.


Social conditions are always changing; furthermore social developments also change the status and dignity of social beings through the rearrangement of mechanisms and the imposition of new conditions. Only beings who are able to adapt to new changes can escape the danger of being eliminated. Adaptation to new situations requires the possibility of change and agility in the functional environment of entities. Only beings that are ready for change are able to keep up with change. Readiness for change is a function of the way we look, behave, and move forward. The widespread outbreak of COVID-19 has imposed a new order on the world and affected all social, managerial, and human interaction mechanisms. Many businesses are closed; some businesses are presented in a new way and on the Internet. Some businesses have also prospered by taking advantage of the new space. Information centers are among the institutions that, on the one hand, are in a recession and, on the other hand, face the possibility of more prosperity of services and activities. The strong point of policy-making in information centers is to move them from a state of recession to a state of prosperity. This memo outlines briefly the possible mechanisms for improving the performance of information centers in the new order of COVID-19. Using these mechanisms to formulate policies can yield positive and effective results.