Investigating the business environment of publishers in Qom province according to the Osterwalder model

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1 Assistant Professor, Department of Knowledge and Information science, University of Qom, Qom, Iran

2 M.A. Department of Knowledge and Information science, University of Qom, Qom, Iran.


Aim: The purpose of the present study is to the business environment of publishers in Qom province who were active in selling books electronically based on the Osterwalder business model.
Methodology: This research has been carried out through a survey-analytical method of applied type. The statistical population consisted of 75 publishers based in Qom Province Publishers Complex who have been active in selling books electronically. The data gathering tool was a researcher-made questionnaire based on the Osterwalder business model. The collected data were analyzed using SPSS software using descriptive and inferential statistics
Findings: With the advent of information technology in the new age, most businesses have changed. The organization or individuals who want to be successful in business must evaluate their current situation and then identify the relevant gaps and plan to address these gaps. Publishers' business status in the customer sector is in good condition. In terms of value proposition, customer relationship, key resources, key partnerships, and key activities, there was a need to rethink strategies, and in the communication channels, revenue stream and cost structure has been challenged. The cost structure sections with a rank of 8.11, the customer with a rank of 7.21, and the key resources with a rank of 6.74 had the highest priority among publishers. The components of a well-known brand, social networks, and the use of incentive schemes, the components of producing a product with excellent content and structure, identifying a product with excellent content and structure, manpower, and product distribution with excellent content and structure are at the desired level.
Conclusion: this research has been able to study the business environment of publishers active in the field of selling books electronically based on the Osterwalder model and provide solutions to improve it.


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