The role of information technology in implementing knowledge management In the field of public transportation in Tehran

Document Type : Original Article


1 Assistant professor /Iranian Research Institute for Information Science and Technology (IranDoc)

2 علم اطلاعات و دانش شناسی - نام گروه: علوم ارتباطات و دانش شناسی - دانشکده: ادبیات، علوم انسانی و اجتماعی - دانشگاه آزتد، واحد علوم

3 MSc in Knowledge and Information Science; Islamic Azad University; Science and Research Branch


Purpos: The purpose of this study, the role of information technology in implementing knowledge management in the city of Tehran Bus Company.

Methodology: The present study, functional, descriptive in nature and the manner in which data is collected through a survey. The population included in this study included all staffs praise and support systems are a Tehran bus be the number 1,200. The sampling method used in this study are randomly according to Morgan table 291 are sampled. In the cross, in the description of one-dimensional data tables and indexes and central distribution will be used to fit the variable scale. On the second level are based on assumptions and variable component using inferential statistics and structural equation model will be explained

Findings: According to the results and the significant level of deployment of information technology, knowledge management between information systems and knowledge management, business processes and knowledge management, the management of information technology and knowledge management, information systems and component of the process of gathering information ( KM), organization of information between information systems and process component (KM) there is a significant relationship.

Results: Eliminate the knowledge gap, formulate a codified policy of knowledge management for collecting, organizing, disseminating


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