Metaverse and the Fate of Information Systems

Editor-in-Chief Lecture


Professor, Department of Information Science and Knowledge, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran.


As a new phenomenon, Metavarse has attracted the attention of many information system operators and even policymakers in various fields. Imaginations mingled with mythical predictions of cyberspace have eliminated the possibility of achieving a clear policy-making and implementation framework. In this relatively ambiguous environment, the flow of information production and transmission continues to grow exponentially. Most attention has been paid to the ontological, economical, and political aspects of Metavarse. However, this new space has its own advantages and limitations. In the meantime, issues related to information systems have been largely ignored. In this paper, while introducing the characteristics of Metavars as a new technological and social reality, an attempt has been made to explain the problems of information systems and to suggest solutions.