Documenting and sharing knowledge in university science and technology parks

Document Type : Original Article


1 خیابان شهید مفتح-نرسیده به خیابان انقلاب - شماره 43 - دانشگاه خوارزمی - کتابخانه مرکزی و مرکز اسناد

2 kharazmi univesity

3 Knowledge and information science

4 Assistant Professor, Department of Information Science & Knowledge Studies, Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran



In this research, an attempt is made to explain the paradigm models explaining the conditions and effective and interfering factors for providing documentation services and knowledge sharing in knowledge-based companies of science and technology parks by examining the experts' point of view.


The qualitative research method is based on the data-based theory approach. Qualitative data collection tool is semi-structured interview and purposeful sampling method with theoretical approach.


In open coding, 242 codes were identified for the two concepts of documentation and knowledge sharing. Then, axial coding was done based on the paradigm model and two models were drawn for these two concepts. Based on this, the elements, processe , barriers and guidelines of documenting and sharing knowledge were chosen as the central category.


In general, in the current research, various strategies were proposed for the implementation of documentation and knowledge sharing systems by experts. Among them, one can design a crowdsourcing platform and system, define the roles and responsibilities of specialized human resources, define implementation methods, personalize interactions in work groups and social networks, operationalize the knowledge cycle including knowledge coding, identify knowledge areas, identify knowledge experts, understanding, processing, auditing, organizing, storing, accessing and rearranging knowledge.


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