Transformation in the role of university libraries following the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic

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1 National library and archives of Iran

2 national library and archives of Iran


The purpose of this study was to investigate the measures, strategies and tools for providing services to Iran's top university libraries during the outbreak of Covid 19.

Methodology: The present study is qualitative and data collection was done through semi-structured interviews with the directors of central libraries or the deputies of thirteen university libraries in Iran.

Findings:The central libraries of universities used a variety of tools to provide services during the Covid , some of which had not been used before. The use of virtual social networks, answering the telephone, e-mail, strengthening information through library portals, activating virtual reference services etc.

Conclusion: User credibility was further strengthened during the Covid 19 era, and this period marked a turning point in the true concept of service, especially in terms of strengthening information and dissemination of information for libraries. Increasing users 'expectations about in-person and remote services and its institutionalization, rethinking the rescheduling of face-to-face visits and using electronic and virtual services as a complement to existing physical services, paying attention to new spaces in face-to-face visits and securing librarians' relations with users through social distance, study desks and service desks, etc. are considered as part of the new attention of managers.


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