Evaluation of Conformity between Bachelor Curriculum in Information Science & Knowledge Studies and Undergraduates’ Essential Skills for Job Market in Bloom's Revised Taxonomy

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1 (Tehran Campus): KhU, No. 43. South Mofatteh Ave., Tehran, Iran

2 No. 11. Khajeh Nasir Ave. South Felestin St. Enqelab Eslami Ave. , Tehran, Iran


Aim: The main aim of research was to evaluate the conformity of the bachelor curriculum with the experts’ opinions and the undergraduates’ essential skills required for job market based on Bloom's classification.

Resarch method: This was applied research using qualitative content analysis. Research population includes the latest edition of the curriculum, job advertisements, and experts’ opinions. MaxQDA v. 2020 used to analyze the data, credibility of findings verified with peer debriefing.

Findings: The findings showed that the most frequent emphasis on behavioral goals of the curriculum was on remembering and applying skills in cognitive aspect, and on process and of real things’ knowledge in knowledge aspect, and it was aligned with the experts’ opinion. Furthermore, limited number of 19 cognitive and 11 knowledge skills were emphasized among the research sample, and there were differences among behavioral goals of the curriculum and the experts' point of view, and these goals were not aligned with the needs of the labor market.

Conclusion: If behavioural objectives in the curriculum become practical and workshop aspect, it can be added to the greater harmony of education and employment so that the needs of the labor market and academic education were aligned and complement each other.


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