A ground for seeking the truth of strategy beyond definitions

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1 Technological Entrepreneurship Department, Faculty of Entrepreneurship, University of Tehran

2 Technological Entrepreneurship Department, , Faculty of Entrepreneurship , University of Tehran

3 faculty of Economics, University of Tehran

4 Faculty of Management,, University of Tehran


Aim: Since it is impossible to provide a comprehensive definition that hinders the strategy and each of the interpretations suggests a specific type of knowledge that only refers to one facet of the multifaceted prism of knowledge of this phenomenon with a subjective nature, This research is trying to achieve a ground to go beyond the appearances and reach the essence, which is the truth of the strategy in itself.

Methodology: This research is based on an analytic-Synthetic method in the framework of a holistic view. Although the simultaneous application of inductive realism in analytic and deductive apriorism in synthetics is considered as an inevitable necessity in social science research, it has often been neglected. With analysis, while challenging the internal logic of the most important definitions selected by thinkers. Namely, in this field, in a casual way, in the period of 1938-2021, the critiques and problems faced by them have been dealt with from a beyond and external perspective, to establish a link between components based on principles and foundations, with a synthetic method (foundation-oriented). , to smooth over the apparent contradictions. The method used in this research will make it possible to go beyond the truth in its apparent meaning and reach the truth in itself.

Findings: The achievement in this scientific process shows that it is not possible to present an original and complete concept of a phenomenon such as strategy in the framework of the concepts that form it, because knowledge based on experience (Aposterior knowledge) which is the result of observing external realities, not only because of relying on components And its elements are based on custom and association, contingency, and the least certainty is not conceivable for it, rather, it is never possible to achieve a totality that has the characteristics of completeness and originality by abstracting from experience, Therefore, along with the three considerations raised to make it possible to reach the truth of the strategy per se, including paying attention to the scope of definitions, paying attention to the extra-sensory dimension of phenomena and paying attention to the certain principles presented by Kant to find the truth through the path of scientific understanding, The only way is to rely on principles and foundations that are absolutely necessary and because of their Aprior nature, make it possible to overcome the contradictions of the real world.

Conclusion: From an empirical point of view, every practical phenomenon must necessarily rely on a universality that can be a beacon and guide for all experimental matters, both in the past and in the future. In this way, it is obvious that being satisfied with the appearances and the subjective views arising from it to reach the truth of any phenomenon will not only work but will be an obstacle to deep reflection in that field of study. Hence, if in the studies of humanities, especially in the field of strategy, attention is paid to the genesis of phenomena and their truth in itself by grounding the A priori principles as guidance, Not only will it make it possible to achieve the Idea of every phenomenon, but it will also make possible the creation of unique ideas and the manifestation of the potential capacities of human existence in thinking and a step forward in the scientific field.