Intelligent Agents and Facilities for Knowledge Management: ChatGPT and Beyond

Editor-in-Chief Lecture


Professor, Tarbiat Modares University; Iran Research Institute for Information Science and Technology (IranDoc), Tehran, Iran


From the last months of 2022, the start of the ChatGPT software and the users' acceptance of its interactive capability created many questions among researchers, managers and even ordinary citizens about the future of these technologies and their effects. The rapid upward growth of the use of this technology on the Internet has raised the big question of how knowledge management can take advantage of this scientific and technological progress. Although it is still very difficult to predict the impact of this technology due to its dynamic and variable nature, it is not difficult to predict its useful applications in the field of knowledge management. In this article, in brief, the effects of intelligent agents, such as the one manifested in ChatGPT, have been analyzed on people, businesses and organizational knowledge management. The ideas presented in this article can help to consciously welcome this transformational technology in businesses. Paying attention to these effects in the classrooms of knowledge management and business mechanisms helps in effective planning and action. In the near future, intelligent agents will face a serious change in many businesses and organizations. This article can be a starting point for deeper thought in this field.