The role of libraries and librarians in designing and creating an institutional repository

Document Type : Review Article


1 Qom University, Qom, Iran

2 Faculty of Literature and Humanities Science, Knowledge and Information Science Department, University of Qom, Qom, Iran ,

3 , Reza Karimi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor & Department Head Department of Knowledge and Information science, University of Qom, Qom, Iran;


Purpose: This research was conducted with the purpose of investigating the role of university libraries in designing and creating organizational knowledge repository.

Method: This article is based on the library method or document method, first by reviewing the researches done about the organizational knowledge repository, after stating the definition and the necessity of its creation in universities, according to the purpose of the research and the role of the library. and librarians of university libraries as a new function in creating and expanding organizational knowledge repository.

Findings: Academic libraries play an important role in knowledge and information management due to the nature of their work in information organization, metadata usage, familiarity with copyright and open access licenses. Also, the librarians of university libraries,

Conclusion: Therefore, the experiences of university library librarians in searching and using a wide range of databases can be used in the design of user interfaces for organizational knowledge repository software, as well as the training of researchers to upload research. their knowledge in the repository of organizational knowledge and effective search and retrieval.


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