Web2 & Librarians of Kermanshah University of Medical Science

Document Type : Original Article


Iran Public Libraries Foundation, kermanshah, Iran


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to examine familiarity and use of web2 by librarians at the libraries of Kermanshah University of Medical Science.
 Methodology: This is an applied study by gathering information via questionnaire. The population of   Kermanshah University of Medical Science is comprised of thirty-nine librarians, and the information obtained from respondents via descriptive and inferential statistical methods such as anova, one-way, two-sample t-test, and the Pearson correlation coefficients were utilized for analysis.
 Findings: Findings showed  that the average rate of librarian's familiarity with web2 is (%43.59) and also lower use (%53.85) of web technology. And, the most essential problem of librarians is the lack of electronic sources. Other findings showed that the best tool for searching information in the library is weblog (%18.1), and the weakest tools are Flicker and Podcast (%8.1), as reported by the librarians.
 Originality: The study shows that learning and using information technology is a necessity. Nowadays,  the Web 2 is one of the technologies that improves the  librarians’ specialized ability.


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