Survey the ability level of Public Libraries Foundation staff in Isfahan in using Web 2.0 application

Document Type : Original Article



Objective: surveying the ability level of Public Libraries Foundation staff in Isfahan in using Web 2.0 application.
Methodology: This research is descriptive- survey method. A questionnaire developed by the researcher was used to collect data. To test the variables was used one sample, T-test, Scheffe, and analysis of variance Statistics.
Results: The results showed that the ability of librarians and administrators is less than average to using exchange or share information tools, manage and organize information, dissemination and retrieval of information, and Web 2.0 reference application, and the highest ability per field is to use in order social networks, directories, search engines, and the Ask a Librarian. As well as between female and mail staff is not deference in ability. Between staff with Librarianship education and etc is deference in ability. The ability of staff with more than 20 years of Work Experience is less than staff with work experience less than 5 years, between 5-15 years. The ability of city officials is more than Chief and librarians.
Originality/ value: with changing user expectations, public libraries staff, has a great role in meeting the needs of their actual and potential users and with use of Web 2.0 can have been a very important role in development and promotion library services to consumers.


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