Feasibility Assessment of Offering B.A. Levels of Humanities through Virtual Education in Payam Noor University

Document Type : Original Article


Since virtual education has been considered as an alternative for conventional education and it is in progress in M. A. levels in Payam Noor University (PNU) the feasibility assessment of B.A. levels has been studied for the present study. In this study, the facilities and equipment needed for virtual education and the shortcomings of it in PNU is studied. The research is of practical ones and imperative survey is used as the research method. Statistical society contains of university teachers and all the students studying at B.A levels in 2014. For the study of facilities and equipment, systematic observation method was used. Due to some restrictions of motivation etc., and for the increase of validity and reliability a questionnaire was also used to collect the data. According to the observations, the basic equipment and facilities as: computers, internet, skilled personnel needed, economical budgets, and digital textbooks have already been provided in Mashad PNU. On the other hand, possibility of offering virtual education from the view points of teachers was 3.09 out of 5 and from the student's point of view was 2.87. Therefore, it is possible to offer virtual education to BA students in PNU.


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