Survey on the job satisfaction of librarians of National library and Archive of IR. Iran

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Purpose: The aim of this research is to determine the job satisfaction of the librarians of National Library and Archive Organization of Iran.
Methodology: The research method is analytical survey and the data is gathered through a questionnaire. It is analyzed by SPSS. The statistical population includes 194 librarians of National Library who are working in different departments of the library. The questionnaire is based on 6 dimensions of Minnesota job satisfaction questionnaire through 27 variables.
Findings: According to research findings, the job satisfaction variables showed resources and welfare facilities, the behavior of senior managers, management policies is lower than the average. But self-fulfillment, job stability and the nature of the librarianship has an average rate, and the social aspect of work organization and interrelationships are higher than the average.
Conclusion: The results showed that there are not a significant difference between job satisfaction and the field of study. Also the rate of satisfaction of those with more experience in work is very low, but those who have higher education are more satisfied. On the whole dissatisfaction of the librarians of National Library of Iran is expressed in most job dimensions. So, management should consider the job condition improvement for the librarians and makes new decisions in this respect.
Key words: National Library and Archive of IR. Iran, Job satisfaction, Librarians, National Library of Iran


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