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Investigating the role of media literacy in the ability to detect fake news from librarians in public libraries

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 29 September 2022


Zohre Azizi; Mahmoud Moradi

The effect of knowledge management system and knowledge sharing on performance and loyalty of librarians

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 26 March 2024


Ali Biranvand; Morteza Mohammadi Ostani; Sara Ghannatian

An Exploration of Viewpoints of Librarians and Assessments of Data Entry Management in Intra-Organizational Library Software

Volume 5, Issue 1, August 2019, Pages 81-104


Sahar Habibi; Mohsen Zeinolabedini; Amir Reza Asnafi; Ebrahim Emrani

Survey of library software's utilization in special libraries of Ahvaz

Volume 4, Issue 2, August 2018, Pages 77-109


saeed malekmohammadi; Mohsen Zeinolabedini

Intelligence measurement of organizational public libraries in Kermanshah

Volume 2, Issue 2, September 2016, Pages 139-155


Elham Rashidi; Akram Korani

Libraries and Librarians in the MOOC age

Volume 2, Issue 1, July 2016, Pages 11-32


Maryam Sarrafzadeh